How to distinguish remy hair and non-remy hair

Firstly, you can not distinguish remy hair and non-remy hair by exterior. You can distinguish them by looking, touching and feeling. Remy hair has flake and will not accept peracid treatment and hot oil. It looks dry, but non-remy hair looks bright.

Secondly, you can touch the hair from top to bottom and it is smooth, also you can touch it from bottom to top and it is rough, so it is usually remy hair. Non-remy hair remove the flake, no matter how you touch it, it will not tie and looks smooth, which is why the non-remy hair is popular.

Thirdly, you can feel whether it is soft, flexible and moist.

8 inch Remy Body Wave

Process of remy hair Process of dealing with remy and non-remy are similar to each other and eliminate the process of peracid treatment.

Range of usage

Because of the impact of raw material and price, price of remy hair which is finished is different from its target price, so the demand is not very large. After all, the rich always accounted for a minority and it is not widely used. But for customer's demand, we can only give them a psychological comfort. If you encounter an absolutely wig experts and requires remy hair, the clients will not buy much.